Madhuvanthi Arun

MADHUVANTHI ARUN is the granddaughter of the eminent educationist Dr. Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy and Late Shri. Y.G.Parthasarathy,
a pioneer of social themes in Tamil theatre and the former Principal of the Film and Television Institiute of India.

She is the daughter of Tamil cinema and theatre personality Mr.Y.Gee.Mahendra.

Her uncle is the famous "Super star" Mr. Rajinikanth.

Madhuvanthi holds a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication and a Masters degree in Education. A travel buff, she has held several workshops where she has lectured on the usage of innovative methodologies of teaching which includes usage of creative drama, dance and mime to make lessons interesting for children.
Madhuvanthi Arun during her extensive travel abroad has imbibed the essence of the teaching methodology there which is based on a dynamic system of activity oriented teaching and participative learning. She is now the ManagingTrustee of Calibre Educational Foundation, an Organization, she co-founded with her husband, Mr. Arun Kumar., to impart quality education employing "State of the art" scientific and effective international systems and methodologies of education.
Under the auspices of Calibre Educational Foundation, she started the Calibre Academy where she puts up into practice all that she has absorbed from her extensive travel. At Calibre, the class rooms have been replaced by specific learning stations with the students moving from one learning station to the other, which are in turn structured on the lines of specific subject labs. This is a progressive shift from the current methods that are sedentary and monotonous. Calibre is the first to provide a smart "touch screen" board for the children in order to facilitate reinforcement of all the learning that happens in the various learning stations in a creative and interesting manner.
Madhuvanthi and her husband Arun contributed towards the campaign "PETRAAL DHAAN PILLAYA" on World Aids Day in association with Population services International. This campaign sponsors the medical insurance of HIV infected orphaned children of Tamil Nadu. Madhuvanthi presented a cheque worth Rs. 3, 75, 000 sponsoring the medical insurance of 500 of these children.

She is an acclaimed Bharatanatyam student of the eminent Padma Bhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.
Madhuvanthi has performed solo in India and all over the world including U.S.A, Canada, U.K, France and Malaysia before she started touring the world with her group.
Madhuvanthi Arun is a versatile young artiste who is a blend of skill in dance, theatre and visual communication. She has been hailed as an artist bubbling with enthusiasm which she has happily blended with her choreographic skills in her various productions.Madhuvanthi is the Artistic director of maham enterprises a Chennai based arts and media company started by her to promote art forms and theatre especially for the next generation (

She is the cultural consultant of Bharat Kalachar.

She has several productions to her credit. The most recent one being "Tamizh" which is an attempt to explore the organic and multidimensional nature of culture by setting up an artistic equivalent in the form of free exchange between ancient, traditional and contemporary media. A collage of traditional dance, feature film, music, video and educational material is brought together to entertain and inform. "Shakthi" based on the 50's classical " Wait until dark " is her recent theatre production. The highlight in Shakthi is the brilliant use of the revolving stage - a new concept in Tamizh theatre. Madhuvanthi considers Shakthi as a tribute to her father, Mr.YG Mahendra and grandfather, Mr.YG Parthasarthy who started this troupe in 1952. This is to establish the fact that the torch of Tamil theatre would be passed on to the next generation, who shall continue to spread the rich heritage of Indian art across the world.
Her second theatre production was Siva Sambo For the very 1st time ever in his musical career Shri MSV has scored music and sung for a theater play. The composition is based on the yester year classic Tamil movie Ninaithale Innikum‘s Shambo Shiva Shambo Song. Actor Sureshwar a well known televison and theatre personality who has 125 films to his credit as child star is directing this stage play for the first time. The play is about Young Indian IT folks, both men & women, living together home away from home, in the USA, for Working in the foreign land and following the Indian customs, rituals, ceremonies and celebrating festivals, despite staying away from their parents & family.
The Message that is conveyed by this Comedy Play is that, Youngsters can uphold & value our culture, tradition and respect for man-woman relationship, even while living together as part of work.
Her current most successful play is Perumaale .
Perumaale is a rib tickling comedy play with a meaningful message about the very concept of Prayer where Lord Venkateswara comes into a slum to test his devotees and realises what the understanding of prayer is today.
Does Perumaal win or the devotees win the arguement is to be seen in this play that has completed 102 shows including 15 shows in the USA.
Perumaale is written by G. Radhakrishnan the dialogue writer of the latest Vishal Super Hit AAMBALE and DARLING 2.
The title song is composed and sung by Thenisai Thendral Thiru Deva Sir.
Perumaale is also directed by S. Sureshwar.
Madhuvanthi and Sureshwar play the main roles in the play along a bunch of very talented actors from the Theatre of Maham team in Chennai.

She is the proud recipient of vocational excellence award from Rotary Club of meenambakkam during nov 2012, the Ritz Achievement Award given to young women achievers in the year 2008 to name a few, The Mylapore Academy award for producer of more than 50 shows of her stage play Siva Sambo in the year 2014 and the prestigious Yuva Kala Bharathi from Bharat Kalachar as all rounder in the year 1996 to name a few.

Madhuvanthi Arun today stands on the threshold of a future which beckons to her with a lot of promise in it to a future where together with, The Calibre Educational Foundation and Maham enterprises she will set up path breaking educational and artistic institutions that will empower youngsters to excel in the changing global scenario.