Siva Sambo

About Play.

For the very 1st time ever in his musical career Shri MSV has scored music and sung for a theater play. The composition is based on the yester year classic Tamil movie Ninaithale Innikum‘s Shambo Shiva Shambo Song. Actor Sureshwar is directing this stage play for the first time.

The play is about Young Indian IT folks, both men & women, living together home away from home, in the USA, for Working in the foreign land and following the Indian customs, rituals, ceremonies and celebrating festivals, despite staying away from their parents & family.

The Message that is conveyed by this Comedy Play is that, Youngsters can uphold & value our culture, tradition and respect for man-woman relationship, even while living together as part of work.

Parents can be assured of their young adults being capable of drawing a line in live in relationships, respect each other’s family sentiments, yet bond over healthy relationships. The play will be an eye opener for elders in every family on respecting and appreciating their grown up children and their work relationships.

Title of the Play : Shiva Shambo!

Genre- Full length non-stop Comedy, Language- Tamil.

Director- Sureshwar, Producer- Madhuvanthi Arun, Music- Shri M.S. Viswanathan

Duration- 1 hour 45 mins

Artists - Maham Enterprise.