About Play


The idea for this production came up when Madhuvanthi and her husband, Arun, were discussing the term ‘culture’.
Tamizh culture is one of the richest in the world.
Tamizh literature, poetry, philosophy, music and cinema have reached all corners of the world.
Tamizh language is universal.
Sadly, the current generation does not value the richness of Tamizh culture.
Through Tamizh production, we explore the culture of the Tamizh speaking people by going into their language, religion, arts, folklore and social life.
This is an effort to highlight and to educate the Tamizh speaking audiences the true value of their culture.


Before the performance, there would be a special talk on Tamizh culture by DD Podhigai
Tamizh is a performance where the film music and video is blended with traditional dance and educational material for a complete picture of our culture.
Classic Tamil songs like Tamizha Tamizha are used along with multimedia to create a magic effect.


Duration: 90 mins
Research, Script and Compilation: Arun Kumar Vaddi Choreography, Direction and Presentation: Madhuvanthi Arun
Dancers: Madhuvanthi Arun, L Narendra Kumar & Group of 4 dancers
Music: Recorded